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In three easy steps you can take your SketchUp model to CNC machining:



SketchUp is one of the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use 3D modelers that is available today. You can easily learn to create a one off project, or a library of models for your production runs. 



Fabber automatically reads your SketchUp model, nests your parts and optimizes them for CNC cutting to suit your machine in material.



When it comes time to cut Fabber will intelligently suggest optimal feed, speed and bit combos based on your machine capabilities and the type of project you’re cutting.

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Features & Compatibility

Fabber is the fastest and easiest way to get your next project from design to your CNC router. Fabber is great for:

  • Cabinetry

  • Flat pack furniture

  • Van Interiors

  • Giant Dinosaurs (yes!)

  • Shipping crates

  • Furniture

  • Just about anything you can imagine

Powerful Features:

Automatic dog bones!


Automatic Toolpaths

Automatic cut depths


ATC support

Multi-Material-at-once jobs

Automatic feed and speed calculation

Tool library

Cloud project storage



  • SketchUp 2017-Current

  • Fusion 360 (coming soon)

CNC Machine

  • Any 3 Axis CNC router that runs on G Code

    • (if your machine isn’t on our list we’ll happily add it)

  • ShopBot OpenSBP

  • Automatic Tool Changers (coming soon)

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