Design Better. Fabricate Faster. Fabricate with Fabber.

Design Better

You think in 3D, you create objects that are 3D, why should you design in 2D? Fabber allows you to design in 3D using SketchUp. No tricky modeling either, just draw it as it needs to exist in real life, press export and you'll have ready made toolpaths for your CNC in seconds instead of hours.

Fabricate Faster

Building toolpaths manually sucks. We make it incredibly easy and fast. After you're exported your 3D model from SketchUp you just tell VCarve or Aspire what tools you use and we do the rest. Every toolpath is built automatically. We do in seconds what used to take hours.

We make designing and building things on a CNC as easy as pressing the "print" button on your computer.

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